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It started with a Red Ford Maverick.

A very young, 2 year old boy with toddler visions of art, armed with a rock, and a canvas; his Mom’s new red Ford Maverick. Scribbling  and scratching his way around the car to complete his first large piece of artwork. Quickly he became known as “the little artist” by friends and coworkers after the completion of the original piece  Little did the toddler know, that small rock and that shiny Ford Maverick would set him on a path filled with imagination in a world brimming with unlimited possibilities.

Through the years the talent received through his genetic composition began to flourish. Stroke by stroke and line by line, the days drifted on as he learned the craft. Sketching everything he saw and many things that didn’t exist. The airbrush was introduced to his arsenal during his early formative years. The new tool opened up more possibilities and opportunities.

Now in a professional setting, creative work takes on a different meaning. Through the creativity of textiles, graphics, websites or original composition, every day has a new twist. Collaborating with a client, hearing their concepts, seeing their ideas and translating those visions into clothing, print or internet, is as fulfilling as that small rock and a shiny red Ford Maverick.