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Sail away with our City Roast from a Huehuetenango bean. Our roasting process accentuates the flavors of Cinnamon, deep rose, burnt sugar that naturally occur in this bean.
Choose our darker roasts for a more Full Sail Flavor.

Huehuetenango is located in the Western Highlands, in the northwest corner of Guatemala, and shares a border with Mexico. It’s one of the few non-volcanic coffee-producing areas in the country and is known for having widely varied topography and climates that are just as diverse. The coffee producing areas are high in the mountains, up to 2,000 meters ASL in some areas. Producers in “Huehue” are often third- or fourth-generation coffee growers, but local tradition hasn’t hindered the adoption of technology. Producers have quickly embraced the latest agricultural practices to continue to improve their farms. This blend of best practices from today and the past makes helps to create coffees that are both delicious and unique.

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